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Andy Higgins

About Andy

Andy Higgins is an outcome-focused Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 30 years of success in the technology, banking, IT, government, and computer software industries. Leveraging extensive experience in technology leadership for national and international organizations, he is a valuable asset for growth-focused companies requiring expert assistance with cloud and enterprise software integration, technology solutions, collaboration systems, and process improvements. His broad areas of expertise include IT strategy, integration, connectivity, collaboration, large-scale system deployments, project management, technology presentations, enterprise architecture, SaaS, virtualization, cloud computing, and unified communications.

Throughout his executive career, Andrew has held leadership positions at organizations including Danone, Continental, CSC, Red Bull, The Linde Group, IBM, Bank of America, and the Swiss Government. 

More recently, as the Founder and Owner of IMCollaboration, Andy oversees a professional team in the provision of technology consultancy services and IT solutions to small to medium businesses, bringing his same levels of professionalism and detail in moving and maintaining clients in the Cloud.